Family Doctor
High blood pressure does not always require a visit to a cardiologist, and not every headache requires a consultation with a neurologist. Very often, it is enough to visit a family doctor who will manage your treatment and discuss further prevention. With an individualized approach to each patient, our family doctor will advise on acute and chronic diseases, address your general health condition, make any applicable diagnoses and outline a complete management plan, and, if necessary, make referrals for appropriate tests or to another specialist.

We encourage you to consult with our doctor not only when you are sick or notice any distressing symptoms, but also for any general healthcare needs in maintaining a healthy lifestyle (vaccinations, diet, exercise, etc.).

At NessMedica, we treat both adults and children – taking care of the entire family unit. For your convenience, private appointments may be conducted in either English or Polish.
Serving your Health Needs
Katarzyna Nessler, MD, PhD
Family Medicine Specialist
Price List
Specialist consultation 200 PLN
Specialist teleconsultation 150 PLN