ECG and BPM Holter Laboratory
Our laboratory offers 24-hour Holter monitoring tests. Our modern and compact devices record your ECG or blood pressure for up to 72 hours. As a result, the collected information will be recorded throughout various life situations, and the analysis performed afterwards will accurately reflect your physiologic function during real scenarios. Our experienced staff will professionally install and remove the data recorder. Afterwards, the analysis is performed with the help of dedicated software, and will enable the doctor to establish a complete picture of your heart function.
Serving your Health Needs
Prof. dr hab. med. Jadwiga Nessler
Cardiologist, Internal Medicine Specialist
Price List
Holter 24 hours recorder 150 PLN
Holter 48 hours recorder 250 PLN
Holter 72 hours recorder 300 PLN
Holter EKG/CTK 300 PLN
ECHO heart examination with description 250 PLN
US examination of carotid arteries with description 200 PLN