Aesthetic Medicine Clinic
In the aesthetic medicine office, our goal is to help you fulfill your desires to feel young and beautiful. Through a variety of minimally invasive treatments using hyaluronic acid and Botox, we aim to discreetly mask the undesirable effects of aging, while emphasising your natural beauty. Our specialists will advise you in choosing the perfect treatment, which will surpass any expectations in obtaining your ideal appearance.
Serving your Health Needs
Dr. Agnieszka Budzyńska specialist in plastic surgery, general surgery specialist
Price List
Consultation 300 PLN
Follow-up visit after the procedure free
Anti-wrinkle Botox treatment 300-600 PLN per region
Filling facial folds and volumetric lifting with hyaluronic acid 800 – 1500 PLN
Contour correction or lip augmentation 1000 – 1200 PLN
Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy 600 PLN
PRP mesotherapy – 1 area 650 PLN
Aqualyx lipolysis – 1 ampoule 450 PLN